Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Genius of God's Government - The Council

On Wednesday in class we discussed the structure of the council method (as used in our church) and the way this can be used in the family. Most families have had to meet together to either discuss schedules or to make big decisions together, I know my family has. There are several important things things that can be taken from the council method and be applied to family councils. First, I think it is important to have family council on a regular basis, preferably every week. Not only does this create stability, but I think it would help provide an atmosphere of open communication in the home. Second, I think husband and wife should meet together as the head of the household and as a solid unit before meeting with the family as a whole, so they are both on the same page and able to discuss private matters together first. Third, it is important to counsel within the council. There is a dramatic difference between a discussion in which everyone is heard and a meeting in which facts are simply presented or tasks delegated. Fourth, I love that all the council meetings in the church begin and end with a prayer. While this is a common occurrence in all of the meetings within the church, I think it is especially important when conducting family council. Not only does prayer invite the spirit, but it signifies to me that you are dedicating this time to work on making your family more united and closer to the Lord. Prayer is a simple act, yet it has profound consequences.

Even though I don't have a family of my own yet, family council is something I now plan on implementing when I do have a family. There are so many benefits to taking just an hour or two out of the week to counsel within your family council, why not do it?

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